How to promo like a beast

It’s no secret that queuing up promos is tedious and boring. I don’t think anyone enjoys it. But it’s a necessary part to let people know you’ve got an RP and that people should in fact join it. Marketing’s important, gotta put yourself out there.

I really really hate queuing this stuff, though. So I make a point to fill the queue all at once and then I don’t have to think about doing it for a good long time. I’ve got it down to a system that I can fill a queue in probably under an hour. Note that the max posts you can put in a queue is 300 posts. I found this out. 

Anyway, I am here to share with you my methods to make your promoing effective and make it as painless as possible.

Step One: Set up User Agent Switcher (or some other way to get the old post format back)
First off, to make this as painless as possible, you’re going to want to get the old posting format back. Yes there is a way to do this. I think there is a way to so on firefox, but I don’t know specifically. There is a way on Chrome and that is what I use. Get the free extension, User Agent Switcher.

Get that all installed, and then if you’re using Xkit, disable it temporarily. They don’t get along while you’re switched into a different user agent.

Now switch it on over to Internet Explore 9 [ETA: If you are working on a Mac with Mountain Lion or later, use IE6 emulation]. It sounds scary, I know. IE 9 emulation and no Xkit. It’ll be fine I promise. As soon as you’re done queuing, it can all go back on.

Step Two: Get your tabs set to enter in your info
Go to to just make everything easier. From there, open 10+ tabs or so of new photo posts, depending on how intense you’re feeling. Sometimes I do more than 10, so you know whatever you want. It should look something like this:

Step Three: Drop in your images and text
Got your tabs? Good. Now in each tab, put in your pictures and whatever text you want on your promos. I like to take the opportunity to use a few different promo graphics. I mean, you’ve got how many tabs? Good opportunity to spice it up a bit. Some graphics appeal more to people than others. They should all represent your RP and convey the themes of your plot, but a little visual variety is a good idea. What catches one person’s eye may not catch another’s. Be like pokemon and catch ‘em all. 

ETA: Apparently tumblr changed something (typical) and the only way to have your tags stay when you go back and for this to work is to NOT include the picture the first time. Set up the text and the tags, hit queue,  then you will get an “error uploading.” NOW add the photo and you can follow the rest of the guide as is. Thanks anon for the solution! Continue on…  

Step Four: Tagging
This gets its own step because it is important shit. The RP, Roleplay, and RPG tags move veryfast. Super fast. So I tag every single promo post #rp, #roleplay, and #rpg. Every. Single. Post. 

Every. Single. Post. 

Most of you may know that only the first five tags matter as far as a post showing up in the tracked tags. So for the remaining two tags on each post, I vary what I use. Such as #original rp and #original roleplay on one, then #new rp and #new roleplay on another. If a tag moves slowly, please please PLEASE only use it once in your hoard of 10+ tabs. If it’s more popular like #supernatural rp, use it on two different tabs. Just be reasonable here.

Step Five: Post, back, repeat
So now that you’re all set up, this is now the monotonous part. Each tab, go in and hit “Queue Post”, go to the next tab, hit the button, next tab, button, etc etc. Once they’ve all posted and the queue page has fully loaded, hit the back button on each tab down the line. All your info should be there just as you left it.

Cool right?

Guess what you do now? Queue button, next tab, queue button, next tab down the line. Let it load, back, let it load, back. Over and over until you fill up that queue.

Before you know it, you will have a filled queue. It won’t take as long as you think. I would suggest that while doing this, don’t have any other tabs open. Anywhere. At all. This shit takes up a lot of memory/RAM. It might take forever if you have other stuff going on because it will take forever to load every time. So set aside about an hour to do this, but you might not even need that long depending on how often you set your queue.

Step Six: Setting the Queue
Speaking of, there are some settings that need adjusting! The queue settings. The max number of posts you can get in your queue is 300. I found this out. So if you want to not think about doing this again for a month, set your queue to post from 12am to 12am (aka all hours day and night) at 10 posts per day. 30 days of promos for you. Not looking for that many newbies? Set it to post less. But if you want to hit as many people in as many timezones as possible, set it up to post often and post throughout the day. The max you can do is 20 a day. 

That said, please be reasonable. Like I said, some tags move faster than others. If you flood that tag, people will stop caring. And your promo efforts may backfire. There is such a thing as too much promotion.

Note that promo posts aren’t the only or even best way to advertise your RP! Word of mouth is far stronger. Get reviewed (and take the criticism to heart and actually consider it), tell your friends, make people do your promo work for you. If people in the community like your RP, they will talk it up. And that’s far better promotion than a graphic or two. However, you’re gonna wanna queue up those promos still because not everyone is in the RPHCA community and the community does need a way to find you. 

Hope this helps some of you and makes promo queuing a little less awful. At least you’ll have to do it less. Good luck marketing your RP!

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