How to use Google Users

Aka, how to sign into multiple dashes on Chrome at once.

Ok so you’re in multiple RPs, probably have a personal, maybe an RPH or a general RP account. And you’re sick of logging in and out. It’s a pain, no one likes it. Some people solve this by using multiple browsers. Let’s be real, some browsers internet explorer are freaking terrible and you don’t want to be forced to use them. And chrome and firefox have some awesome add-ons you can use to set things up just how you want them. Not to mention that too many open browsers at once will slow your computer down considerably.

Now for firefox, there is a way to have multiple logins. But I don’t use firefox. And I love me some Chrome. SO, today let me tell you how you can live your life in Chrome and be logged onto to multiple accounts at once. The best thing? It’s a built in feature of the browser, you don’t have to download a single add-on. And maybe it will convince you firefox or safari addicts to change allegiances. 

Step One
Set up a gmail account. If you’ve made a new RP account, you probably already did this. Not too complicated, but it’s important. I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be a gmail account and not just any old email. But they’re free so shush. Even if you don’t want to use it for real otherwise, you never have to again if you don’t want to. You just need it for a login.

Step Two
Open up your settings in Chrome and scroll down a bit. You should see a users section. Now as you can see, I have made good use of the feature already so I have a few there, but it’s more or less the same.


Yeah I have a few. Here and there. ANYWAY. We are making a new one, so…

Step Three
Click add new user. This lovely little interface should pop up, should look like this.


Pick an icon, name it whatever the hell you want. This is what they chose for me. Yeah idk. Whatever, I’m going to delete this user after I make this guide so it literally doesn’t matter. And you can change it later if you want.

Step Four [Optional, but not a bad idea]
You will then be prompted to login. If you are going to login to a chrome account, each google user needs a unique gmail account. Just how it rolls. You don’t have to sign into chrome for your users to work, but I prefer it because in case of HD crash or popping onto a new computer (speaking from experience here), all your bookmarks, extensions, and logins/autofill settings will be saved. 


Step Five
Click either the users tab in the top bar OR the little user icon in the side and choose which one you want to use.


As you can see, I deleted Spandex before I even finished taking screenshots. Go me. You get the point.

Step Six
From here, you can go ahead and log into tumblr and things. And then you can switch between users and POOF, different dashes. You can have as many tabs and windows open per user as you like. I normally have… a lot.

Here’s my RPH dash


And then I switch users (notice the different little icon in the top right corner) and BAM, RP dash. No signing in or out.


NOTE: You will have to re-add your chrome extensions to each user. I’m sorry, but it’s not that bad. And your bookmarks will not transfer between users unless you choose to import/export them, but honestly that’s convenient sometimes. Your bookmarks can actually be relevant to the account your on.

Point is, none of your settings will transfer. You can import and export those, however. Re adjusting those to me is still way easier than logging in and out and/or using multiple browsers.

Hope this helps make your life easier! I know it’s made mine waaaay easier. Enjoy!

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