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Just a reminder here; they are grabbing IP adresses.
This means they can find out where you live, or easily bypass any security on your computer or device and hack you.

Please, be safe. Pass this on so others know they may intend to do something with the IPs and be careful, if you think you’re being too careful, you’re not.

It’s not too far off to say your best safety measure is even to even leave tumblr/go on hiatus until this is done with.

(Blacked out most of the IP for security reasons.)



Aren’t there supposed to moderators on 4chan or something? Either way, this is really starting to worry me.

Real talk here for a second. I work in computing professionally and it bothers me when I see these posts upsetting people, so I’d like to talk about it.

The majority of Tumblr users will have what is known as a ‘dynamic IP’, something given to them by the provider of their internet service. This is true regardless of where you are in the world. This will allow someone who has your IP address to use geolocation to find your internet service provider, but does NOT reveal your physical address or personal details. If you happen to live in the same city as your ISP and someone says “hey you live in such-and-such” and it is correct, it does NOT mean they know your actual address!

Some people make the conscious choice to have a ‘dedicated IP’, which is specifically assigned to you. This will NOT reveal your physical address or personal details either - these details are safeguarded by your internet service provider. If you do not know whether or not you have one, you probably do not. Ask the person responsible for your internet service at home or contact your internet service provider for more information about this if you’re concerned.

If you have a dedicated address (and for a limited time, it may be possible to use a dynamic address, but these change frequently), this can IN A VERY LIMITED SENSE be used to remotely probe the network you are connected to. A sophisticated and dedicated attacker MAY discover a way in but will then need to additionally find a way of accessing your computer - and your run-of-the-mill hacker is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to have the skills, software, time and dedication to do this on completely random people with little chance of securing anything of financial gain.

Let me re-iterate, someone having your IP address does NOT mean you have been compromised in some fundamental way and does NOT pose an immediate threat to you. It does in no way make it EASY for people to gain access to your computer, much less gain control of it or access any of your details stored on it.

This post is correct in advising caution, but know the facts before you decide to leave Tumblr, go on hiatus or make other decisions. Many websites on the internet are capable of collecting the IP address of their visitors for statistical purposes and it’s possible that is how these are being harvested - if they know your IP address, it does not automatically mean you are under threat.

I don’t have many followers, but I encourage who I do have to reblog this. I am also happy to take asks, anon or otherwise, to provide further information.

tumblr user youarenotaneggplant helping educate and calm the tumblr community one post at a time

Reblogging because I hate it when people are afraid based on false information.

0 to 255

Ever wished there was a cheat sheet to making a palette and getting a variety of tints and shades of a color when fixing up that theme?

FEAR NO MORE! 0 to 255 is beautiful and is a simple tool that will help you find variations of any color. When you select a color the tool will give you 31 other colors from the lightest to the darkest.

I s2g, do people not understand the concept of testing their themes in other browsers? It’s not that hard to do. And it’s going to make your coding better in the long run. And FFS consider that other people’s monitors might be bigger/smaller than your own. 

Seven hells, do people on tumblr really think their themes contain acceptable code??

No. No. NO. That’s not— no. That’s not how you html and css. At all. Just. Stop.

Character Bans and Why You Just Shouldn’t


Let’s say I went to a supermarket and really wanted to buy some kiwifruits. Compared to more popular fruits like apples and oranges, kiwifruits are kind of “niche.” That doesn’t make them any less worthy of being sold in a supermarket, though, does it? Some people just prefer kiwifruits to apples and oranges. And there’s nothing wrong with that. People are allowed to like what they like. 

So, after hyping myself up for some kiwifruits all morning, imagine my disappointment upon learning that the supermarket decided to stop selling them. Since I can’t help being a creature of curiosity, I approach the supermarket’s manager to ask them what prompted the decision. 

The manager tells me any of the following:

  • "I don’t really like kiwifruits too much, so I don’t want them here. Nothing personal. Why don’t you open your own store for just kiwifruits?”
  • "If we sell kiwifruits, there won’t be enough room for more apples and oranges. People prefer apples and oranges to kiwifruits, so I’m only being realistic here."
  • "The best smoothies are made with apples and oranges, not apples and kiwifruits, or oranges and kiwifruits. Just a personal opinion."
  • "People aren’t familiar with kiwifruits like they are with apples and oranges. We shouldn’t force people to buy kiwifruits if they don’t want them.”
  • "We already had too many kiwifruits in our store, and it made people uncomfortable. They don’t like fruit with fuzz on them."

Deciding it isn’t worth it to press them further, I leave the supermarket and go home. The next day, I go to a different supermarket, but I’m told the same exact things by the manager. I’m disappointed yet again, but I continue looking for supermarkets that sell kiwifruits. 

After a week, I only find one or two supermarkets (at the most) that sell kiwifruits in decent supply. It’s not as many as I would like, but I’ve learned to settle for less at this point.

And that’s why you shouldn’t put bans on specific types of characters (in terms of sexuality, race, gender, et. al.) in your roleplay.

Not to mention there is no need for a ban to create “balance” between genders, sexualities, etc unless you are making your rp only about ships and shipping. Just saying. I mean, if that’s your goal, well then carry on I guess. But aim for more, reach for the stars, try this thing called character development and plotting every now and again.



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Roleplayer Quick Tip: The best thing that you can do when you get anonymous messages that you don’t like is to just delete them. No matter what the scenario revolving the person’s reason for anon messaging you is, you put out their fire the second they see that their message isn’t even on your page. I know that it’s really difficult to fight the urge to want to defend yourself, but it’s not going to help you. Especially with persistent anons that don’t stop. If just deleting them doesn’t help, then just turn off the anon function for a day. 

If you try to fight fire with fire, the fire just gets bigger. 

If your anons are getting out of hand, take the anon feature off for awhile.

More Improvements: Female Characters


I know I’ve been on a rant lately with all these things you should be aware of in your writing, new ideas you should think of, etc. etc. WELL TOO BAD, PRINCESS(ES). YOU’RE GETTING ANOTHER ONE.

  • Rebel Without A Cause. All these female villains have this horrid back story in which they were injured in some way so they rose against their oppressor and now they’re evil, blah, blah, blah, never going back, etc. You don’t need to justify her bad behavior. Let her be a bitch. Let her revel in the bitch. Let her make a nest out of bitch blankets and use it to snuggle up near the pyre of her burning enemies. Women don’t need sob stories to be bad!
  • Irredeemable girls. Related to the above point. Female villains - or, rather, sidekicks, because few women get to be the power behind the throne - are evil until the male hero and his majestic manliness come parading before him. Then they can’t resist his manly charms and immediately betray the villain for a heroic redemption. Please stop. Women can see their evil schemes through.
  • Girl friends. We need more girlfriends, but this is specifically about girl friends. As in, two women who are friends with each other. Who talk to each other. Who really, really care about each other. While I’m on the subject, we need more female bonds period. Aunts and nieces. Mothers and daughters. Friends. Coworkers. More women interacting with each other on a daily basis.
  • Non-sexy villain girls. I really hate going to movies where a woman is the villain because I’m just waiting for the moment when the lady saunters up in her skimpy little leather outfit and speaks in a bedroom voice. Ugh. Let women be evil without needing to be seductive, because evil should not equal slut. It’s even worse when the hero’s girlfriend is virginal and righteous, because then you have the comparison (good = virgin, bad = slut). 
  • Female violence. How many movies have you seen where a woman hits a man? Mmm, many, I bet. What does the man do? He usually laughs it off and says something like, “I like her (spunk/spirit).” Sometimes she hits the hero for stupid behavior, but they get together anyway. How many movies have you seen where a man hits a woman? The soundtrack usually goes silent and the filmmakers give you a chance to express outrage. This is good because abuse is bad and should be treated seriously. The trivialization of women’s violence against men is bad because, guess what, women can be abusers, too. Again, abuse is bad and should be treated seriously. When you trivialize female abuse, you trivialize the problems of thousands of men who have been abused by women. Not to mention it implies violence by women is ultimately ineffectual and the only “real” violence can be laid down by men.
  • No refrigerator girls. Stop killing women for the sake of motivating your men. It’s cliche and disrespectful to women - treating them as motivations instead of people. There’s a reason this trope is also called “The Disposable Girlfriend”. 
  • Self-made girls. Hooray, female leads in diversified careers! Now, how many of them chose that career because of their family members? How many of them have family working in the organization that may have helped their rise? It’s a shockingly large amount. For some reason, women in fiction seem to pursue careers similar to that of their fathers. I propose we write more professional women who clawed their way to the top with their own tears and sweat and blood instead of hanging on to Daddy’s coattails. 

This texture pack contains

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